Why did the bef fail to stem the german advance in 1940 essay

The BEF are encircled, 7th Royal Sussex are decimated German artillery on the western front, May With the situation rapidly deteriorating in France the British Expeditionary Force sent forward their main reserves. The intention was to launch a counter-attack in the region of Arras, hopefully in co-ordination with the French. On the 18th May he was fortunate enough to remain behind with other men from the HQ and Motor Transport sections of the battalion while the men in the main rifle companies were rushed forward by train. Their ultimate destination was Arras but they never made it.

Why did the bef fail to stem the german advance in 1940 essay

Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Yes Sorry, something has gone wrong. There were 3 main reasons: Exposed in the open, out of their well constructed trench defence systems and without heavy artillery support, the German troops were mown down by British artillery fire and their offensive was thus blunted.

Secondly, German morale and discipline fell sharply as the offensives progressed. Told that unrestricted submarine warfare was starving Britain into surrender and the Ludendorff offensive was the final push to victory, German troops were shocked, and then outraged, to discover the plethora of goodies that British soldiers were supplied with when the Germans captured their trenches Having been on short rations for 3 years and reduced by to hard black bread and horsemeat, the discovery of sardines, jam,tea, coffee, tinned meat and alcohol in copious amounts proved too tempting.

Many Germans broke ranks to loot and engage in orgies of eating and drunkenness that reduced the number of troops available for combat duty on any given day.

Discipline and moral suffered as a result, further blunting the impetus of the German advance. Finally, the rapid German advance in the early days of the offensive brought them, potentially, within striking distance of Paris. Succumbing to temptation, Ludendorff diverted troops and resources in an attempt to capture the city rather than remaining focused on the primary objective of destroying the British army and knocking Britain out of the war.

This lessened the impetus of the German effort as it became dissipated, giving the British a breathing space and an opportunity to regroup and restore the situation in their favour.World War II Outline.

STUDY. PLAY. (German air force) on 14 May , during the German invasion of the Netherlands in World War II. The objective was to support the German troops fighting in the city, break Dutch resistance and force the Dutch to surrender.

Why did the bef fail to stem the german advance in 1940 essay

Russian offensive on Finland from to , failure of the overwhelming. fall of France.2 Kier argues that France and Britain failed to develop military doctrines that might have countered the German threat because the military in each country suffered from a failure of imagination.

Apr 12,  · The German spring offensive was carried out by the best German troops. Lightly armed they swept forward and over the allied front line.

Why did the bef fail to stem the german advance in 1940 essay

There success was the reason for their timberdesignmag.com: Resolved. Germany went into the First World War with the advantage of a very large, very well-trained, and very well-equipped army. One-on-one, they could almost certainly have defeated any other country in the world - but they weren't fighting just one enemy.

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If only the British Military had learnt to appreciate that the Second World War was to be fought in a different, more organised manner to WW1 then it perhaps would have been easier to stem the German Advance. Overall this essay has presented and analysed an array of different factors that each contributed to the BEFs failure to stem the German advance into France in Why did the Luftwaffe fail to win the Battle of Britain in ?

This essay will provide the reader with a critical analysis of not only the generally accepted theories, but some of the more contentious issues that arise when determining why in fact the Luftwaffe failed in their quest for air superiority over Britain, in prelude to invasion that never came.

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