What happens in vegas stays in vegas

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What happens in vegas stays in vegas

Normally, I wouldn't have traveled during the summer to a desert where temperatures reach degrees, but when your very good friend invites you to join her in a speaking presentation to other interior designers, of course, you're on board.

So I and fellow interior designer Wendy Glaister, of California, found ourselves at Las Vegas Market, where furniture manufacturers and artisans showcase their new and upcoming products for the year to retail buyers and interior designers.

I was curious to walk the showrooms to compare the differences between the East Coast market and the West Coast market while searching for what was different and new out in the western part of the country.

Justin Shaulis' hand-painted art, "Illusion" What I noticed was a lot of bling in lighting, pillows and rugs, and metallic threads running through hand-made area rugs.

A few eye-catching rugs were two from its Modern Couture collection, both with neutral gray-tone backgrounds of mottled color. The interesting detail in these rugs were the metallics used to create the design woven into the rug. The silver metallic makes the design.

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The Tib with a starlike sparkle pattern won the purple ribbon for Best in Show. Another interesting showroom was Howard Elliott.

I just loved its twist on the collection of furniture and accessories. Advertisement Interior designer and brand ambassador Justin Shaulis' spring curated collection has a classic and modern feel, combining some classic details with beautiful finishes. The Howard Elliott selections can also be customized in color.

Its featured wall of glossy and colorful painted mirrors displays some finishes from which to choose. The mixing of metals and Lucite was also a show-stopper. The colorful artwork in this collection was most definitely one of my favorites.

Las Vegas Shows Schedule 2018 – 2019

Four Hands' green velvet sofa display The Four Hands showroom caught my eye with its midcentury furniture designs, but with something different. I'm not one to drool over midcentury modern; however, there was a softness to the pieces. I was enthralled with the mixing of finishes, such as the round, white dining table paired with textured upholstery.

The black, iron-framed seating made this vignette interesting. Another favorite was the olive-green velvets that covered the upholstered framed sofas -- definitely worth a look for those who would like to test the waters in midcentury design.

Of course, I had to stop by the Visual Comforts showroom to see what was new and exciting in its line of lighting, as well as to catch a glimpse of the wall of Kate Spade lighting designs. Currey and Company's colorful lamps I noticed in, not just the Visual Comforts showroom but also in Currey and Company's lighting showroom, larger-scale and very colorful table lamps.

What happens in vegas stays in vegas

One spectacular ceiling light fixture displayed by Currey and Company was a large gold-leaf and new gold leaf blue ceiling light. If interested in seeing more of what Las Vegas Market had to offer in these showrooms, check out these websites:It happened.

It only happened there. And it happened far enough away to have any negative effect on the "the here and now". And anyone who wasn't there at the time need not know about it.

So stfu about it, and move on. But keep the memories. Discounted Las Vegas Shows.

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