The issue of parenting and misguided actions and a childs developmnet of mind body and soul

Over time, these connections are shaped by our interactions with the world. Learning and executive function are compromised and children remain unable to regulate their emotions and behaviors in response to their experience of the world. How does this change happen? This is great news for everyone!

The issue of parenting and misguided actions and a childs developmnet of mind body and soul

Something had stopped me in that moment, something had driven me to contemplate those words, chewing on them slowly in my mind. And so began my quest to re-parent myself, my journey to reconnect to that lost and lonely inner child.

Parenting & Child Development – An Islamic Perspective

What Was Your Childhood Like? While some of us had supportive, loving and open-minded upbringings, others of us experienced neglect to varying degrees.

If, however, you consider your childhood as lacking or deficient in some way, you most likely experienced any combination of the following types of neglect: The likely outcome of this was that: You developed low self-worth and esteem for yourself.

You began ignoring your emotional needs. You learnt to hide from, avoid or repress your emotions as they were associated with feelings of neglect from your childhood.


You developed psychological or physical sicknesses connected to your inability to listen to, accept and deal with your emotions in healthy ways e. As you grew older, you likely developed any variety of these symptoms: You developed addictions and neurosis to create a misguided sense of comfort and safety within your life.

You have problems sustaining healthy and respectful relationships. Physical At a basic and fundamental level, physical safety and nourishment is one of the most intrinsic elements of a loving relationship. We can see this in nature, with mothers and fathers nourishing their chicks, pups and cubs with food, shelter and protection.

When this is lacking, however, the following issues can develop: Intense safety-seeking behaviors psychological complexes such as OCD or extreme risk-taking behaviors e.

The issue of parenting and misguided actions and a childs developmnet of mind body and soul

Addictions to drugs, alcohol, violence, food, etc. Sexual dysfunction or promiscuity often due to sexual abuse.Child Development; Parenting; View Help Index. about sex as a holistic issue because it affects our body, mind, and soul. the connections between their family values and their actions.

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The issue of parenting and misguided actions and a childs developmnet of mind body and soul

From what I have experienced, witnessed, and researched, the following steps will help you to reconnect, and re-parent your inner child. 1. Be willing and open to make that connection. Authoritative style of parenting is considered the most advantageous form of parenting.

Psychological control and corporal punishment are associated with undesirable behavioural outcomes. Keywords: Parenting dimensions, parenting typologies, corporal punishment, children behaviour.

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