Spongebob essay pencil

Major characters in the series from left to right:

Spongebob essay pencil

Teachers Appearances Jeffy is somewhat different than the average teen, with a lanky and tall posture. He wears a blue bicycle helmet, usually has a pencil shoved up his nose, along with a yellow T-shirt that reads "Jeffy," his name, on it.

He wears short dark blue jeans with a diaper outside of it, which he occasionally spanks. According to Jeffy, the diaper is on the outside of his pants so the diaper doesn't get dirty.

His biological appearance seems to be his blue eyes inherited from his mother, and his dark brown hair inherited from his father.

His face is oval shaped with two teeth and has a round nose, along with two eyelashes and a unibrow.

Spongebob essay pencil

Personality Jeffy's personality is extremely similar to Mama Luigi 's personality. He has a habit of spanking his diaper placed outside of his pants.

When he is Spongebob essay pencil a "bad boy," he tends to have a breakdown by throwing his head onto any surface, but calms down when he is called a "good boy" but this doesn't happen after the episode Jeffy Loses His Pencil!

However, he could have even more of a breakdown, by cussing and being rude towards Mario and Rosalina. He likes to put his "pee-pee" in various objects, especially Cheerios cereal boxes. He is also afraid of the most retarded things such as animals, toilets, snow, ostriches, and the flu shot.

Based on characteristics, it is suggested that he has some sort of autism.


His mother delivered him to Mario because she did not want to look after him according to Jeffy. Not much is known about his relationship between Bowser Junior and Josephdespite the fact that they both called him "awesome" after once surviving a game of "Russian Roulette.

However, Jeffy has been shown to act smart, but in a dumb way at times, such as in Jeffy's Homework! Later, in Jeffy's Bedtime! According to him, he used to live on 7 Jeffy Street before being dropped off at Mario 's door. Jeffy tends to soil his pants often.

Sometimes, Jeffy can be even more demanding than Junior, as seen in Jeffy's Bedtime! He also flips his desk in " First Day Of School! Sometimes Jeffy seems to have a prankster personality as in " Jeffy's Cellphone!

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During both of these videos, he seems to be less unintelligent, causing many fans to think that this could be a normal version of Jeffy, despite all of his intelligent moments in the series.

When his real mother Nancy tried to claim him back, Jeffy begged Mario to let him stay and promised to be a good boy and kept his promise by not playing the cat piano when he went back insideindicating that he loves Mario very much.

Jeffy's obsession with swearing may be from his mother and the way she acted in front of him and treated him. Being over the age of being arrested, these crimes could land him in jail. In Jeffy The Rapper!

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Spongebob Squarepants Spongebob essay pencil The Benefits Of Essay Pencil Spongebob, SpongeBuddy Mania – SpongeBob Transcripts – Procrastination Procrastination. Episode Info He sits up, the paper and pencil stuck to his face. Sep 01,  · According to Spongebob, what pencil goes on the left side of the paper all by itself?

a) The Essay Pencil b) The Homework Pencil c) The Exam Pencil d) The Quiz Pencil? $1 MILLION. The quiz pencil goes right over here next to the essay pencil [moves the pencil] and the essay pencil gets turned sideways toward the notepad, [turns it sideways] just in case I have to write an timberdesignmag.come: October 5,

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