Outstanding doctoral thesis research in beam physics award

August Marshall Student This is an honor degree which is given to two graduate students who were successful both in their classes and student involvement activities during their time at Auburn University October College of Science and Mathematics Travel Fellowship This award is given by Collage of Science and Mathematics at Auburn University to successful graduate students who represents Auburn University in a national or international conference. June Graduate School Travel Funding This award is given by Auburn University Graduate School to successful graduate students who represents Auburn University in a national or international conferences. Departments nominate students for the awards, and the winners are then chosen by a committee of graduate faculty.

Outstanding doctoral thesis research in beam physics award

The award, named for distinguished plasma physicist Marshall Rosenbluth whose career included 13 years at the U.

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Department of Energy's DOE Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory PPPL from torecognizes "exceptional young scientists who have performed original thesis work of outstanding scientific quality and achievement in the area of plasma physics.

These investigations led to a variety of insights, and a new model for turbulence in compressing plasma; the dissertation also applied these insights in a variety of application areas, including inertial-confinement-fusion and astrophysical plasmas.

Outstanding doctoral thesis research in beam physics award

He earned a B. That led to greater internal compatibility within multiple methods of measurement, which in turn lent additional support for the unusual results previously reported by Weizmann.

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With this grounding in experiment, this thesis is now positioned to be unusually influential. Davidovits continues to pursue the compression of turbulent plasma, with applications in inertial-confinement-fusion experiments, Z-pinch experiments, and astrophysical plasmas.

Outstanding doctoral thesis research in beam physics award

Davidovits becomes the seventh graduate of the Program in Plasma Physics to receive the Rosenbluth honor since the APS first awarded it in Students are admitted directly to the program and are granted degrees through the Department of Astrophysical Sciences.

The award announcement appears on the APS website:Any doctoral student in the world is eligible for the APS Beam Physics dissertation award, established in Opportunities for Future Graduate Theses The SLAC accelerator research program is broad in scope ranging from fundamental beam physics theory to technology development.

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The Graduate Student Research Competition supports graduate students by providing funding for expenses of travel to conducting research. Funding is competitive and is based on the significance of the research and the clarity of the proposal.

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Landolt Distinguished Mentor Award In it, he examines the development of new types of plasma accelerators which are driven by electron beams. With their high accelerating fields, these not only have the potential to drastically reduce the size of future accelerators; new high-quality electron beams can also be formed in the plasma wake of a driving electron beam.
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Outstanding Doctoral Thesis Research in Beam Physics Award This award recognizes doctoral thesis research of outstanding quality and achievement in beam physics and engineering. The annual award consists of $2, for the recipient, a certificate, a travel reimbursement up to $, and a registration waiver to receive the award and present a talk at a meeting of the APS Division of Physics of Beams.

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