Level 3 teaching assistant coursework

All certification fees are included in your course fees. Method All of our students are given access to our online campus through their own personal login and password. Once logged in you can access your course materials, lessons, resources and assignments in your own time.

Level 3 teaching assistant coursework

It can also help you begin a career as a learning support assistant or special needs assistant. It will give you a framework for education and training and provide you with the knowledge, understanding and skills you need to provide effective support in the classroom. Working with others, problem-solving and personal performance are integral.

Why should I choose this course? You work in, or want to work in, a support role within a school or college You are interested in the development of children and young people You are keen to learn about working effectively with colleagues You are at least 19 years old Programme delivery 1 year per level.

Part-time study, one 3 hour session per week at a chosen centre.

What is Included?

View the full list of community provision venues. In addition, we also offer an opportunity to study both level 2 and 3 on a Wednesday at UCB from 5pm — 8pm. When applying you will need to specify on the application form which centre you would prefer to attend.

Each centre is subject to specific numbers. This includes two days in a classroom placement which you need to arrange with the school of your choice and a three-hour training session per week at one of 10 centres across the city.

Level 3 teaching assistant coursework

A range of assessment methods are used across the course including observation within the workplace, building a portfolio and discussion.

There are opportunities to have formal and informal feedback as you progress through the course. You will be assessed by your tutor or assessor using a range of methods.

What will I study? NV What will I study? Level 2 If you are just beginning your training to become a teaching assistant, and you want to develop the knowledge and skills needed when supporting teaching and learning in a school or college environment, then you need to start at Level 2.

You will develop the knowledge and skills needed to support teaching and learning within a school or college. A work placement not only gives you valuable experience, it also: If students are passionate about their career choice, work placements are vital A set of achievements, skills, understanding and personal attributes make a student more likely to gain employment and be successful in their chosen occupation, which benefits themselves and the work force.

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Students studying Early Years will be required to complete two days per week on placement in an appropriate setting working with Children. Placements are organised by a specialised team of Employability Tutors based in hired UCB who will also visit you out on placement to ensure that you gain the right practical skills.

Careers NV Careers A diploma in Supporting Teaching and Learning can help you begin a career as a teaching assistant, learning support assistant or special needs assistant. If you successfully complete the Level 3 course, you can progress on to a foundation degree in Childhood Studies at UCB.

You will only need to study for a further two years instead of three to gain the qualification. Alternatively, you can apply for other degree courses at UCB or elsewhere.

They can help you develop your work-related skills. Based in new facilities on the 7th floor of our Summer Row campus, the hired UCB team comprises specialist staff to help with: Careers advice and guidance Placements, work experience and volunteering Unitemps — UCB's recruitment agency.Develop your understanding in our Teaching Assistant Level 2 Course, from home!

The employment prospects for Teaching Assistants have increased significantly in recent years, as the number that are employed has nearly trebled between and The Teaching Assistant: Level 3 Certificate in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools course is designed for individuals looking to work in supporting teaching and learning in schools, as a teaching assistant for example.

Level I Teaching Assistant Certificate.

Level 3 teaching assistant coursework

Description. A certificate of this type is issued as the entry-level certificate for teaching assistants, authorizing the holder to provide direct instructional services to students under the general supervision of a New York State certified teacher. This CACHE accredited course is the official government Level 3 Teaching Assistant qualification that you need – it is fully recognised & accepted by OFSTED.

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You will be qualified for working in all OFSTED primary and secondary schools throughout England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Level I teaching assistant certificate - Candidate has attained a high school diploma or its equivalent, achieved a satisfactory level of performance on the New York State Teacher Certification Examination Test of Communication and Quantitative Skills.

Certificate is valid for one year from its effective date. Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools Certificate (RQF) Level 3 Course. The NCFE CACHE Level 3 Certificate in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools course is aimed at anyone looking to work in supporting teaching and learning in schools, for example as a teaching assistant.

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