How to write a batch file to delete temp files

This is an old requirement, as old as SQL Server 7 or even earlier. These options work, but there are a number of items to consider:

How to write a batch file to delete temp files

October 04, Of course if there are lots of folders to be treated or if there are files from many days a scripted solution might be preferred.

Reading down the list of replies etc, I came to same idea that Salmon did with why not just sort by date and select the range to delete. However if there is a need to automate the clean up of files, then i can see using a scripted method.

In the past I had a script that would delete data from computer class lab computers in which we initially use to reimage them clean after each course was completed to make sure that they were all clean and fresh for the next class starting that next monday after completion on that friday, and instead of reimaging all the 20 systems, it was decided to just restrict the users on the lab systems to user privileges so that they couldnt install anything and very unlikely to get hit with malware, and give them a specific folder to save their work to with no other path to save to under privileges.

Then instead of having to wipe entire systems clean and reimage which takes time, floods the network for about an hour or so on a Saturday and overworks the hard drives of each of the systems, its just a matter of running a quick batch routine from my system that would wipe out the data from that one folder on all 20 systems and replace the pdf's in that folder with the course content for that monday depending on what they were going to be learning.

Verses prior reimaging each system to make clean and delete old student data and then repopulating the system with the course content data that is local to each system for students to be able to edit and highlight sections in their PDF's etc. This could have been added to a scheduled task etc instead of a manual start of the batch that ran out to all 20 systems with the folder shared for me to wipe clean and repopulate with clean copies of the course content vs the prior content that was altered with highlighted sections and personal notations.A collection of batch files.

DOS Batch - File Search List: Quickly find a file on your hard drive.

A batch file to delete temp user files

DOS Batch - Find and Replace DOS Batch - Force Delete All Print Jobs - Get rid of these pesky print jobs ftime function to determine the age in days of all files in the temp directory. Two variables are used. Oct 16,  · How to make a batch file that delete folders Music: Base Attack - Techno rocker Code @ echo off title Deleter rmdir "Your folder" /s /q This code does not ask for delete it.

its getting deleted. Write %temp% and press Enter. Options window please go to the View tab, select Show hidden files and folders and deselect Hide extensions for known file types.

how to write a batch file to delete temp files

To deselect Hide protected operating system files (Recommended) For this folder please delete all the files like you did on the above steps. Mar 27,  · How to Write a Batch File. Three Parts: Learning Batch Basics Saving the Batch File Sample Batch File Community Q&A This wikiHow teaches you how to write and save a basic batch file on a Windows computer.

A batch file contains a series of DOS (Windows language) commands, and is commonly written to automate frequently performed tasks such as moving M. Aug 05,  · In addition, when I was done, it would automatically delete the temporary file.

So I may keep it around and update it to use New-TemporaryFile. In Windows PowerShell , there is a new cmdlet called New-TemporaryFile. Oct 28,  · I want to put a batch file together that will delete all files at the user profile in the following directories when my users log off: C:\Users\USER\AppData\Local\Temp C:\Users\USER\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files.

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