Hostess peace weaver and mother essay

But the aim of my narrative is not to write of the casual doings of distinguished men, but their main achievements. For if even the playful moods of virtue are worth recording, then it would be absolutely impious to be silent about her serious aims. To those who desire to read this narrative it will tell its tale, not indeed with complete certainty as to all mattersfor it was impossible to collect all the evidence with accuracynor shall I separate out from the rest the most illustrious philosophers and orators, but I shall set down for each one his profession and mode of life.

Hostess peace weaver and mother essay

In a society in which war was relatively constant and life could be short, the ability to fight was highly prized. Anglo-Saxon women could not fight nor were they expected to. As a result of being left out of the warrior class, women were automatically relegated to the less important roles in society.

Despite being second-class citizens, Anglo-Saxon women were able to attain dignity and respect in assuming their roles of wives, mothers, peace-weavers and mistresses of their halls.

Anglo-Saxon women spent their whole lives under the protection of their menfolk. She was expected to see to his comfort and bear his children. Despite whatever troubles she has with her husband and their separation, the narrator continues to obey her husband.

Another role that some Anglo-Saxon women had was that of peace-weaver. Of all the roles an Anglo-Saxon had to assume, being a peace-weaver was perhaps the most difficult. A peace-weaver was a woman who would be married to a person from an enemy tribe in the hopes of ending a feud.

However, peace was not always the result of such a marriage, and the peace-weaver inevitably had to bear a double burden. Such is the case of the peace-weaver Hildeburh, mentioned in Beowulf.

A more positive role and perhaps the most powerful role that women had was the role of mistress. The mistress presided over the hall table with her husband during mealtimes.

She made sure that everyone had enough to eat and was comfortable. Wealhtheow brings grace and dignity to Heorot and her position enables her to thank Beowulf for his help and to remind her husband of their sons when he is about to adopt Beowulf as his heir.

While Anglo-Saxon women did not get to play a major role in their society like the kings and heroes of their culture, their roles, nevertheless, were important in holding the society together. In a society that frequently saw the ravages of war, women, whether they acted as peace-weavers or healers were often the ones who brought a measure of peace.

They held or tried to hold the tribe together as Wealhtheow tries with her injunction that each earl remain true to the other and be loyal to his lord. The lot of Anglo-Saxon women was never easy, but they upheld their duty and served their tribe. By Renee Yewdaev Abrams, M.

Hostess peace weaver and mother essay

The Norton Anthology of English Literature. Anglo-Saxon women did not have many roles, but the few that they had were important and had an influence on their families. In the Anglo-Saxon culture women were seen and considered as less important than men because men are the stronger ones, the leaders, the fighters or warriors, the heroes!!!

During this time period women were not acknowledged by society. Their role was to stay home and take care of their related responsibilities, as well as their children.

Women had no major role in the decision-making because the men, being either the father or the husband, were the ones to make the decisions for the women. However, women were taken into consideration and valued when their marriages were arranged to promote the physical or economic well-being of their family and tribe.

In Anglo-Saxon culture women were at times engaged in marriage to a family that would bring forth fortune and wealth.Oct 11,  · The females in Beowulf enact the social roles that the men cannot fulfil, specifically the role of peace weaver, the role of hostess, and the role of mother.

Queen Wealhtheow is an example of a successful peace weaver, for she plays an active role in society through words of encouragement to her people and handing out of treasure to her heroes.

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Eunapius, Lives of the Philosophers and Sophists () pp English translation.

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