Hacking and the computer industry

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Hacking and the computer industry

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Documents obtained by US newspaper the Christian Science Monitor show that the computer systems of three major energy companies — ExxonMobil, Marathon and ConocoPhillips — were hit by a string of attacks in aimed at stealing valuable information.

The strikes, which used precision phishing attacks to fool executives into bypassing security procedures, focused on "bid data", the valuable information collected by the companies on new oil deposits and potential sites for future operations. None of the companies involved in have made a public comment, but security experts have warned in the past about the growing importance of cybersecurity.

As a result of the attacks, which are said to have originated in China, Google has threatened to protest by uncensoring its search engine in the country - a move that has threatened to escalate relations between Beijing and Washington towards a diplomatic standoff.

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The origins of the oil company hackers are not known, but the newspaper said that at least some of the information was sent to computers in China. It is far from the first time that major companies or systems have been the victim of hacking attacks.

According to reports that emerged last year, hackers have targeted a number of major computer networks belonging to governments, private companies or other important schemes.

Carmakers struggle to hire hackers, the hottest job in the industry. Typically, computer hacking is associated with a person or a group with . Kids at hacking conference show how easily US elections could be sabotaged Superdrug targeted by hackers who claim to have 20, customer details . The ethical hacking industry has grown by leaps and bounds over the past decade, with no signs of changing pace. As computer technology becomes increasingly complex, the need for white-hat hackers to protect sensitive corporate data will grow along with it.

News of the attacks on ExxonMobil and others also throws into relief comments made last week by Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer. That realisation led to the White House to appoint a new head of cybersecurity last month, while the British government is also planning to institute its own national cyber security centre to combat the growing threat of online warfare and criminal activity.A hacker was a programmer -- someone who hacked out computer code.

Hackers were visionaries who could see new ways to use computers, creating programs that no one else could conceive.

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They were the pioneers of the computer industry, building everything from small applications to operating systems. The History Of Hacking. In , Bell Labs employee Ken Thompson invented UNIX and permanently changed the future of the computer industry.

Then in the very early s, Dennis Ritchie.

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Computer hacking affects organizations in a variety of ways -- some universal, others specific to the nature of the reason for hacking and the business in question. Reporting computer hacking, fraud and other internet-related crime. Serving as a collection point for intelligence provided by private industry, as well as a channel for law enforcement to obtain cooperation from private industry (in .

Hacking and the computer industry

Watch video · An inside look at what's driving the hacking economy As the Bay Area gears up for Super Bowl 50, the security industry is getting ready for . Kids at hacking conference show how easily US elections could be sabotaged Superdrug targeted by hackers who claim to have 20, customer details .

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