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New Maoist violence in Nepal Election Watch: Now, however, a splinter faction of hardliners is using violence to promote itself ahead of general elections.

Their activities are likely to intensify should their former Maoist comrades win power.

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Nepal has seen a spate of improvised explosive device IED and arson attacks ahead of a two-stage general election scheduled for 26 November and 7 December. The most common are IEDs emplaced on roads that are detonated when political convoys pass by them. Nor was the day untypical — army bomb disposal squads have been active on a near-daily basis throughout the campaign.

This party continues to be led by Pushpa Kamal Dahal, a historically significant figure who led the Maoist insurgency to victory in the civil war and who has served as prime minister twice since. The Maoists, however, have undergone a multitude of splits since then, and the prime suspect in the pre-election violence is one of these splinter factions The Maoists, however, have undergone a multitude of splits since then, and the prime suspect in the pre-election violence is one of these splinter factions.

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Chand is boycotting the elections, having accused the central Maoists of having sold out their revolutionary cause. Dozens of his activists have been detained over recent weeks.

Its powerbase is the Rukum district of mountainous western Nepal. Reports suggest that the group is demanding between NPR10, andUSD2, from its extortion targets, which include shops and factories. As the Khotang example demonstrates, refusal to pay can result in the expropriation of assets, at least until state security forces recover them, and a persistent threat after that point.Kroll is the leading global provider of risk solutions.

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