Eye witness of road accident

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Eye witness of road accident

Just in: Masvingo road accident claims 30 Her main focus has been on the influence of mis leading information in terms of both visual imagery and wording of questions in relation to eyewitness testimony.
The Importance of Witnesses Suppose you witnessed a Traffic Accident on day, you need to write a letter to report:

A Seattle personal injury lawyer from the Law Office of J. Smith, PLLC wants to help you recover from this incident both financially and physically. Although it may seem as though there is a long and complicated road ahead of you, having a legal professional who is experienced and knowledgeable in the process will expedite it tremendously and help you conclude your claim successfully.

One of the keys to a successful auto accident claim is being educated about your rights and how you should respond to an accident. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions concerning auto accidents in Seattle.

What should I do after a car accident? After a car accident, it can be difficult to be rational and organized with your actions. This is an understandable product of such a traumatic event. Make sure that you and your passengers are alright and try to gather as much information about the incident.

You should try and obtain the insurance information of the other driver, the license plate number and contact information of any eye witnesses from the scene. The most you can offer as to how the car accident occurred, the better your chances are for obtaining compensation for your damages.

Should I see a doctor? Obviously, if you are injured, you should seek immediate medical attention. Even if you feel fine after a car accident, it may be a good idea to have a doctor confirm your health because injuries from car accidents are not always immediate or obvious.

Obtaining medical records for any treatment you receive in connection to the car accident will also help you when you file a claim for damages. Should I call the police? Having the police at the scene of a car accident will help you and the other driver immensely.

Eye witness of road accident

The officers are there to organize the situation, gather eye witness testimony and ensure that everyone is okay. The police officers will also write up an official report of the incident based on the information they themselves gathered.

You can later obtain a copy of this report for the purposes of solidifying your car accident claim.

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Can I still get compensation if I contributed to the car accident? Yes, Washington state law operates on a policy of pure comparative negligence. This means that in a car accident claim, both parties will be assigned fault in the incident and then the plaintiff claiming damages will receive compensation according to the percentage of fault the other driver was assigned.

For example, if you are assigned 25 percent of fault in a car accident that you were injured by and the other driver is held 75 percent at fault for the accident, you will receive 75 percent of the damages you initially claimed and expected to pay the remaining 25 percent yourself.

The at-fault insurance company offered me a settlement, should I accept it?

Eye witness of road accident

In most cases, you should first consult with a Seattle personal injury attorney before accepting any sort of settlement for a car accident. While this option may seem like a quick and easy way to obtain some compensation for the damages you incurred, the insurance company is likely not offering you everything that you are entitled to.

By enticing you with a quick settlement, they are able to make a smaller pay out and reserve more revenue for themselves as they raise the premiums for their at-fault customer. If you have been offered a settlement, contact a personal injury attorney about your situation and ask them whether it is a fair amount according to your damages.

If you have any more questions about auto accident claims or if you are looking to hire a qualified legal representative for your specific claim, contact the Law Office of J.The factors vary in their degree of subjectivity, such that some factors (e.g., aggressive driving) are more dependent than others (e.g., defective or missing mirrors) on the officer’s subjective assessment of the accident and on eye-witness reports.

Jul 27,  · An on the spot investigation of 85% of accidents was carried out following the accident, otherwise required information was collected from the above mentioned sources mainly from the eye witness and confirm the veracity of the information.

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Eyewitness report of a road accident sample text | Publish with Glogster!

As I was an eye–witness to the accident, the police took a statement from me. They also told me that I would be required to give evidence during the court hearing. . To: Mr Fandi AhmadOfficer, Jurong Police HeadquatersRe: Eye-witness report of a road accident My name is Ophelia Wong and I am a student of Bukit View Secondary.

This report serves to provide my account of a road accident that I had witnessed a day ago. The Accident happened in a sharp curve on the Tarkwa Bogos road at a place called Afamasi Akotom. Speaking to timberdesignmag.com, an eye witness who only gave his Name as Kwoffie, said the corolla driver which police has given his name as Theophilous Otoo was overtaken four vehicles at a go, in that curve when he collided with the other driver.

Eyewitness report of a road accident sample text | Publish with Glogster!