Denali national park essay

You can either drive the Cassiar Highwaywhich is a small mostly rural route, or drive the Alaska Canada Highway aka the Al-Canwhich is a slightly larger, slightly less rural route. When the road was originally built and opened in it was a mixture of gravel and dirt road, but is now completely paved. There are many altitude changes, with the highest pass at Summit Lake ftand quite a few sections of the road that have no guardrail or any other safety mechanism.

Denali national park essay

This was resolved on September 9,when the National Park Service entered into a year lease for the park land from the Samoan village councils. InCongress approved a thirty percent expansion on Olosega and Ofu islands.

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The park encountered major damage. The visitor center and main office were destroyed but there was only one reported injury among the NPS staff and volunteers.

It is the only part of the park accessible by car and attracts the vast majority of visitors to the area. Accommodations are available on Ofu. Biodiversity[ edit ] Because of its remote location, diversity among the terrestrial species is low.

Flora[ edit ] The islands are mostly covered by tropical rainforestincluding cloud forest on Ta'u and lowland ridge forest on Denali national park essay. Most plants arrived by chance from Southeast Asia. Marine[ edit ] The surrounding waters are filled with a diversity of marine life, including sea turtleshumpback whalesover species of fish, and over coral species.

Some of the largest living coral colonies Porites in the world are at Ta'u island. Samoan geologic map with volcanic series labeled click on image to enlarge Samoan bathymetry Samoan tectonic setting The volcanic islands of Samoa that dominate the acreage of the national park are composed of shield volcanoes which developed from a hot spot on the Pacific Plateemerging sequentially from west to east.

Tutulia, the largest and oldest island, probably dates from the Pliocene Epoch, approximately 1. The islands are not made up of individual volcanoes, but are rather composed of overlapping and superimposed shield volcanoes built by basalt lava flows. Much of the lava that erupted has since broken into angular fragments known as breccia.

The volcanoes emerged from the intrusion of basaltic dikes from a rift zone on the ocean floor during the Pliocene Epoch, and were heavily eroded during the Pliocene and early Pleistocene Epochs, leaving behind trachyte plugs and exposed outcrops of volcanic tuff throughout the park.

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Ta'u island, the youngest of the islands included within the national park, is all that remains from the collapse of a shield volcano during Holocene time. This collapse produced sea cliffs over 3, feet high on the north side of the island, some of the highest such escarpments in the world.

The most important elements for success on Denali include preparation, teamwork, and conditioning. For the typical highpointer, the biggest technical challenges will be the rigging of sleds, the use of cramp-ons and ice-axe, the proficiency in a rope rescue system, and use of a mechanical ascender. Jango is about making online music social, fun and simple. Free personal radio that learns from your taste and connects you to others who like what you like. The National Park of American Samoa is a national park in the United States territory of American Samoa, distributed across three islands: Tutuila, Ofu, and Ta‘ park preserves and protects coral reefs, tropical rainforests, fruit bats, and the Samoan timberdesignmag.comr activities include hiking and snorkeling. Of the park's 13, acres (5, ha), 9, acres (3, ha) is land and 4,

While the Samoan islands have not shown evidence of volcanism for many years, the Samoa hotspot beneath the islands continues to give indications of activity, with a submarine eruption detected just east of American Samoa in The Vailulu'u Seamountlocated east of Ta'u, is a future Samoan island developing from submarine lava flows, continuing the eastward progress of volcanic development from the hotspot below the islands.

The lava flows forming the seamount have been dated by radiometric methods to between 5 and 50 years, during which time the seamount has risen 14, feet from the ocean floor.

Evidence exists of past submarine and surface landslides as a result of weathering and other forms of erosion of the rocks and soil making up the islands.

Denali national park essay

On Ta'u island, an inland escarpment known as Liu Bench a feature of mass wasting threatens to slump into the nearby ocean, an event which could produce a tsunami strong enough to devastate the island of Fiji to the southeast. The Masefau dike complex and talus breccias are remnants of this rifting.

Development of the Taputapu, Pago, Alofau, and Olomoana shield domes followed long parallel fissures followed, but when the Pago and Alofau summits collapsed, calderas were formed. Thick tuffs were deposited in the Pago caldera, and the southern rim was buried by lavas composed of picritic basaltsandesitesand trachytes.

Subsequent erosion in Early to Middle Pleistocene enlarged the calderas, the Pago River in particular carved a deep canyon, the forerunner of today's Pago Pago Bay. A submarine shelf formed from the erosional runoff, allowing for the development of coral reefs before the island was submerged to feet.

Sea level fluctuations continued in the Middle to Late Pleistocene. A barrier reef formed, was submerged feet, before emerging 50 feet, leaving sea caves above sea level. Leone volcanics erupted in recent time generating tuff cones undersea, such as Aunuu Island, and cinder cones on land.

The pahoehoe flows buried the submerged barrier reef, enlarging the island by 8 square miles. The island has since emerged another 5 feet. Remnants of one half of the caldera, ponded flows, form the north center portion of Ofu.

The steepest cliffs, feet high, are found on this north coast. The Ofu-Olosega island group formed along the same N.

Denali national park essay

The remnant of Tau's caldera is found on the south coast. A foot cliff marks the north coast of this island. Remnants of these eruptions are found as inliers and monadnocks forming Mt. Volcanic activity renewed in the Middle Pleistocene along the same rift trend, with olivine basalt pahoehoe and aa flowing northward and southward from a point 8 miles west from the center of the island.

Pleistocene cinder cones trending east and west, are aligned along the center axis of the island. Savai'i lies along this same rift trend, its surface marked by Quaternary lava flows.

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Examples include the olivine basalt pahoehoe which emerged from Mount Matavanu from toand the Mauga Afi chain of spatter cones of As a result of these and other stresses, the corals that form the reefs are projected to be lost by mid-century if carbon dioxide concentrations continue to rise at their current rate.Many Alaskans have long been exasperated or downright hostile over the mythologizing of Chris McCandless, the hapless college graduate who starved to death in a derelict bus a day’s walk up a mining access road on the north side of Denali National Park.

Driving the Alaska Canada Highway. We set out on the Alaska Canada Highway in Mid-Fall. The biggest benefit of driving the road this time of year is the lack of traffic and the cool temperatures. Jango is about making online music social, fun and simple.

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