Dbq 10 reconstruction us history essay

Historical Atlas of the 20th Century An interesting and informative collection of information on the twentieth century.

Dbq 10 reconstruction us history essay

The US is drifting from a financial crisis to a deeper and more insidious social crisis. Self-congratulation by the US authorities that they have this time avoided a repeat of the s is premature. Special features include an FDR video biography, and a chance to vote on the issues in The site features 20, items including photographs, speeches, letters, documents, and exercises from the New Deal era.

The Library of Congress collection includes 2, documents representing the work of over writers from 24 states. Typically 2, words in length, the documents consist of drafts and revisions, varying in form from narrative to dialogue to report to case history. Check out the Art Gallery for some intringuing glimpses into Depression-era America.

A Resource Guide This Library of Congress resource guide links to digital materials related to Roosevelt such as photographs, manuscripts, and sound recordings, as well as external websites.

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The Flint Sit-Down Strike, An audio gallery of the famous Flint auto strike featuring a slide show and timeline. Conversations Produced by the Chicago Historical Society, this site explores the life and work of Studs Terkel, an important American oral historian.

Galleries focus on interviews that Mr. Terkel did for his books, including one on the Depression, and also contains a multimedia interview with him. Depression Papers of Herbert Hoover A collection of press statements, radio transcripts, letters, and other messages from Herbert Hoover during the Great Depression.

These deal mainly with welfare, unemployment and disaster relief funds, and Red Cross donations. These primary sources are useful as an accompaniment to a study of the Great Depression.

Armed with this knowledge, they can then evaluate the current need of government programs, such as welfare, Medicare and Social Security, on the federal and state level. A Tale of Two Leaders Lesson Plan In this lesson, students will compare the economic challenges that faced the United States in to those the nation is facing today.

They then compare the actions and strategies of past presidents to strategies of leaders today. A Tale of Two Economies Lesson Plan In this lesson, students use resources from The New York Times to compare the circumstances under which the Great Depression came about to the circumstances of the current economic crisis.

Reading the captions will provide background information and an opportunity to learn about historical perspective. This lesson plan is provided by the New Deal Network.

Dbq 10 reconstruction us history essay

This lesson plan is intended for grades Riding the Rails PBS: Emphasis is put on the causes of homelessness and what made these young men leave home. The lesson plan also outlines topics for discussion, as well as small group activities.

PBS recommends the purchase of the film Surviving the Dust Bowl in order to fully utilize this lesson plan. Brother Can You Spare a Dime: The lesson plan makes good use of primary sources and photos.

Visions in the Dust For gradesthis lesson plan uses photographic examination to teach students about the Dustbowl. Lesson Plan — Worth a Thousand Words: Depression-Era Photographs Using the authentic photographs that were taken to introduce the New Deal, students will follow this MarcoPolo lesson plan and learn about the depression.

Recommended for grades The New Deal Network: Classroom The impressive New Deal Network features 20, items including photographs, speeches, letters, documents, and exercises from the New Deal era.

They involve analyzing political cartoons, role-playing, and research. They involve, among other things, analyzing letters and interviewing people.

Lesson Plan — Constitutional Issues:The United States: A Date with Manifest Destiny Since the first Puritan settlement of America by the Massachusetts Bay Colony (“City on a Hill”) to the United States’ current involvement in the affairs of foreign countries, it is clear that Americans find a need to spread their democratic ideals abroad.

The Ku Klux Klan (or KKK) was. and still is in some countries. a secret organisation that used terrorist tactics in an effort to reconstruct white domination in Southern provinces.

Nmne _ Date _ DBQ Reconstruction's Failure (continued) Document 3 This excerpt is from The Era of Reconstruction, , by Kenneth M. Stampp (Vintage Books, , p. ).Stampp was aprofessor ofhistory at the University ofCalifornia at Berkeley.

The Progressive Era - The Progressive Era was a time period between the years and it marked a time in American history in which society was bursting with enthusiasm to improve life in the industrial age by making political and social changes through government action that ultimately led to a higher quality of life for American citizens.

History DBQ #1: Reconstruction’s Failure Historical Context: The Civil War may have settled some significant national problems, but it created many more. Yes, slavery was abolished, secession had been refuted, and the supremacy of . Reconstruction Dbq. Peter Mardjonovic. Mr. Nolan. AP US History.

27 January Reconstruction DBQ The Period of the Civil War, and the Reconstruction after it, that lasted from.

to , was when the nation went through a great deal of change/5(1).

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