Csulb thesis and dissertation office

Thesis Information Masters Theses and Comprehensive Exams A main degree requirement on all students in graduate programs in the College of Liberal Arts is the completion of a culminating project, such as a thesis and oral defense thereof, or a final comprehensive examination or portfolio.

Csulb thesis and dissertation office

Very often, the Chair will then help you select your other members. Three members are required and usually more are permitted, but more members will require more coordination at each stage.

Please check with all members as to their plans for the future, including sabbaticals, and in particular as to summer plans often orals wind up being later than you planned. Once you have your committee members selected, contact the Graduate Advisor to report your committee members for department approval.

Thesis Proposal The proposal is to specify clearly what you propose to do for your thesis project or research study so that you and the Committee can discuss the details and arrive at definite decisions and agreement.

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Committees differ in what they require in the proposal, but in general they usually include an introduction, a methods and a planned analysis and interpretations section.

If there are some details or procedures you are uncertain about, include a discussion of the various ways you might proceed in your proposal, indicating the pros and cons of each possible way.

These options are discussed until resolution at preliminary orals. You are not permitted to begin the research or project itself until your proposal has been approved at or after preliminary orals and by the Office of University Research see IRB discussion below.

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After gaining approval, you must follow the plans agreed to in the proposal. If minor changes are needed as you proceed, clear them with your Chair. If major changes are needed, a new proposal or revision and new preliminary orals are required.

Also, if a copyrighted measurement device is to be used, approval must be obtained from the copyright holder do this as soon as possible, as approval can take three-six months or even longer.

You are asked to give copies of your thesis drafts to all your committee members at points designated by your thesis Chair, and at least two weeks prior to the date of your Orals — please give them a hard copy. Do NOT email it to them, unless you ask them first if they would like it emailed and they say yes — they might even ask for both.

On rare occasions, with thesis committee approval, students can seek guidance from tutors or outside consultants on statistical analysis, but students must perform the analyses themselves. Members of the thesis committees should make sure that thesis students demonstrate a good understanding of the statistical procedures and results of their projects.

csulb thesis and dissertation office

This should begin with the preliminary orals when the data analysis procedures for testing the research hypotheses are discussed and approved. The student should demonstrate knowledge of: Preliminary Orals This meeting to discuss your proposed study in detail is scheduled as soon as you and your committee are satisfied that your proposal is reasonably well conceptualized.

The oral begins with your presentation of a minute overview of the study.

csulb thesis and dissertation office

Then the committee will question, discuss, and hopefully resolve the details of your proposed study. Usually orals last only an hour, but two hours may be necessary in some cases, or an adjournment to a second hour at another time may be required.

Any department faculty member or graduate student may attend your orals and you should feel free to attend those of other students — although it would be nice to give them fair warning; graduate students are permitted to attend as observers only; however, non-committee faculty might ask questions.

Individuals other than faculty and department grad students are usually not permitted to attend — please check with your committee before inviting others. Also submit a hard copy no emails! Please check with your committee members as to whether they want a hard copy of your draft, or if emailing it is OK — many professors prefer a hard copy as they will be making notes on the draft.

Paperwork provided to your thesis committee by the Graduate Advisor will include a form documenting their approval, as well as paperwork to be given to you. When arranging for preliminary orals, it is your responsibility to reserve a room usually Psy or There is no Subject Pool during summer or winter sessions.

Graduate students seeking to graduate in May Spring or August Summer must file between the preceding May 1st and October 15th. Graduate students seeking to graduate in December Fall or January Winter must file between the preceding December 1st and March 1st.

Please visit the IRB web site for application information:Csulb library thesis and dissertation office - Thesis format nit trichy.

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The University Library, along with the other 22 CSU campus libraries, now use a shared library management system. CSULB Home About Library Home Office Information Thesis and Dissertation Office We're here to help you prepare your manuscript using the University format guidelines and the style guide approved by your department.

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