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The Chinese languages are spoken by over a billion people. The vast majority of the Chinese-speaking population is in China over millionHong Kong, and Taiwan 19 millionbut substantial numbers are also found throughout the whole of Southeast Asia, especially in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. Important Chinese-speaking communities are also found in many other parts of the world, especially in Europe, North and South America, and the Hawaiian Islands.

Chinese writing software

House of Representatives, Thursday, April 29, Speaker, today I rise to honor the Chinese-American community and pay tribute to its ancestors' contribution to the building of the American transcontinental railroad. On May 8th, the Colfax Area Historical Society in my Congressional District will place a monument along Highway at Cape Horn, near Colfax, California to recognize the efforts of the Chinese in laying the tracks that linked the east and west coasts for the first time.

With the California Gold Rush and the opening of the West came an increased interest in building a transcontinental railroad.

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To this end, the Central Pacific Railroad Company was established, and construction of the route East from Sacramento began in Although the beginning of the effort took place on relatively flat land, labor and financial problems were persistent, resulting in only 50 miles of track being laid in the first two years.

Although the company needed over 5, workers, it only had on the payroll by Chinese labor was suggested, as they had already helped build the California Central Railroad, the railroad from Sacramento to Marysville and the San Jose Railway. Originally thought to be too small to complete such a momentous task, Charles Crocker of Central Pacific pointed out, "the Chinese made the Great Wall, didn't they?

They lived in simply dwellings and cooked their own meals, often consisting of fish, dried oysters and fruit, mushrooms and seaweed. Work in the beginning was slow and difficult. After the first 23 miles, Central Pacific faced the daunting task of laying tracks over terrain that rose 7, feet in miles.

To conquer the many sheer embankments, the Chinese workers used techniques they had learned in China to complete similar tasks. They were lowered by ropes from the top of cliffs in baskets [sic]and while suspended, they chipped away at the granite and planted explosives that were used to blast tunnels.

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Many workers risked their lives and perished in the harsh winters and dangerous conditions. By the summer of4, workers, two thirds of which were Chinesehad built the transcontinental railroad over the Sierras and into the interior plains. On May 10,the two railroads were to meet at Promontory, Utah in front of a cheering crowd and a band.

A Chinese [and Irish ] crew was chosen to lay the final ten miles of track, and it was completed in only twelve hours. Without the efforts of the Chinese workers in the building of America's railroads, our development and progress as a nation would have been delayed by years.

Their toil in severe weather, cruel working conditions and for meager wages cannot be under appreciated. My sentiments and thanks go out to the entire Chinese-American community for its ancestors' contribution to the building of this great Nation. The cars now run nearly to the summit of the Sierras.

They were a great army laying siege to Nature in her strongest citadel. The rugged mountains looked like stupendous ant-hills. They swarmed with Celestials, shoveling, wheeling, carting, drilling and blasting rocks and earth, while their dull, moony eyes stared out from under immense basket-hats, like umbrellas.

At several dining camps we saw hundreds sitting on the ground, eating soft boiled rice with chopsticks as fast as terrestrials could with soup-ladles.These pages hope to provide tools to assist people in learning and using the beautiful Chinese language.

Chinese writing software

From the novice Chinese language student to the advanced programmer, I . Google Pinyin is now available for download with minor changes.

Forget about NJStar, Google Pinyin is the best Mandarin text input software in the market and it is free. Typing mandarin has never been easier, with its new predictive technology, instead of tying word by word, now you can type in full. Stepping Stones E-Textbook A set of Chinese reading and writing lessons designed to teach beginners the most commonly used characters using audiotexts, character animations, flashcards, exercises, and .

Chinese writing: [ Free Chinese writing lessons ] Many of you have a thorough knowledge of written and spoken Chinese, but there has still to be someone wishing to learn the basics of this unusual writing the secrets of Chinese characters, their history, their romanization and the elements that compose them.

The following tutorial is meant to provide beginners all they need to write. In this section, we have a list of Chinese learning programs. These programs will allow you to learn Chinese with your computer. So if you're not interested in attending a class in a Chinese language school, then these Chinese learning programs are for you.

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