Chilean wine case study

European Vitis vinifera vines were brought to Chile by Spanish conquistadors and missionaries in the 16th century around Local legend states that the conquistador Francisco de Aguirre himself planted the first vines. This grape variety would become the ancestor of the widely planted Pais grape that would be the most widely planted Chilean grape till the 21st century.

Chilean wine case study

For example in California, Syrah is sometimes added to Pinot Noir for added color and richness. Grenache Look for notes of Raspberry, Candied Cherry and Orange This wine is all about understanding how to taste acidity.

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Garnacha from Spain tends to have bright berry flavors and moderate acidity. A recent study at the Oenology Department at University of Bordeaux has shown that wines with higher acidity taste less tannic than wines with lower acidity. By the way, Garnacha is an incredibly important wine grape outside of the US.

California Zinfandel Look for notes of Raspberry, Chocolate and Cinnamon Zinfandel will help you understand how alcohol affects flavor. Alcohol not only adds a tingling sensation, it also adds the perception of body.

Testing at Bordeaux University have shown that higher alcohol wines tend to reduce the perception of tannin in the taste but not the aftertaste.

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You might notice this effect the next time you try Zinfandel. Swirl your wine to see that higher alcohol wines have thicker tears. Practiced tasters can pick the alcohol level of a wine within a percent! South Australian Shiraz a.

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Syrah Look for notes of Blackberry, Blueberry, Pepper and Coffee Shiraz will help you understand what a full-bodied wine is all about. Of course, there is a lot going on with the grapes and winemaking to create a wine this bold including heightened glycerol and sometimes just a touch of residual sugar.

Australia is one of the few regions that consistently produces super-charged single-variety wines. When you taste one, focus on the profile and texture in your mouth. Monastrell is an abundant variety in Spain, but it is fairly unknown in the states.

It makes a deep dark full-bodied wine with very rustic notes including tar, roasted meats and tobacco smoke.

Earthy flavors are the hallmark of Old World wine and Spanish Monastrell offers great values for their lush bold red wines. Because of this, Petite Sirah tends to have high tannin.

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Wines of Chile Tourism: How do you reveal a country’s hidden gem? To create awareness of Chile’s burgeoning wine tourism industry, TTC launched a campaign built on a platform of “luxury redefined,” positioning Chile as a country ripe for exploration. The country-of-origin effect in this case has a large influence on how consumers perceive wine from this particular part of the world.

Chilean wine case study

However, I firmly believe there is room for MontGras to control its own market position. Field Study – Chilean Wine Industry Chile country analysis 1.

Chilean wine case study

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