An account of events during the 1942 pearl harbor bombing

Pilsch With great solemnity and reverence, America observed the 75th anniversary of the devastating December 7th,attack on Pearl Harbor that thrust the nation into World War II.

An account of events during the 1942 pearl harbor bombing

The attacking planes came in two waves; the first hit its target at 7: Poster commemorating the attack, Behind them they left chaos, 2, dead, destroyed planes and a crippled Pacific Fleet that included 8 damaged or destroyed battleships.

In one stroke the Japanese action silenced the debate that had divided Americans ever since the German defeat of France left England alone in the fight against the Nazi terror.

Approximately three hours later, Japanese planes began a day-long attack on American facilities in the Philippines. Because the islands are located across the International Dateline, the local Philippine time was just after 5 AM on December 8.

Farther to the west, the Japanese struck at Hong Kong, Malaysia and Thailand in a coordinated attempt to use surprise in order inflict as much damage as quickly as possible to strategic targets.

An account of events during the 1942 pearl harbor bombing

These assets formed the foundation for the American response that led to victory at the Battle of Midway the following June and ultimately to the total destruction of the Japanese Empire four years later. Within minutes she sinks to the bottom taking 1, lives with her.

The sunken ship remains as a memorial to those who sacrificed their lives during the attack. Nightingale was aboard the Arizona that fateful Sunday morning: Having no anti-aircraft battle station, I paid little attention to it. Suddenly I heard an explosion.

I ran to the port door leading to the quarterdeck and saw a bomb strike a barge of some sort alongside the NEVADA, or in that vicinity. The marine color guard came in at this point saying we were being attacked.

I could distinctly hear machine gun fire. I believe at this point our anti-aircraft battery opened up. General Quarters sounded and I started for my battle station in secondary aft. As I passed through casement nine I noted the gun was manned and being trained out.


The men seemed extremely calm and collected. I reached the boat deck and our anti-aircraft guns were in full action, firing very rapidly. I was about three quarters of the way to the first platform on the mast when it seemed as though a bomb struck our quarterdeck.

I could hear shrapnel or fragments whistling past me. As A captured Japanese photo shows Battleship Row under attack. Hickam Field burns in the distance soon as I reached the first platform, I saw Second Lieutenant Simonson lying on his back with blood on his shirt front. I bent over him and taking him by the shoulders asked if there was anything I could do.

He was dead, or so nearly so that speech was impossible. Seeing there was nothing I could do for the Lieutenant, I continued to my battle station. Simonson had been hit and there was nothing to be done for him. There was a lot of talking going on and I shouted for silence which came immediately.

I had only been there a short time when a terrible explosion caused the ship to shake violently. I looked at the boat deck and everything seemed aflame forward of the mainmast. I reported to the Major that the ship was aflame, which was rather needless, and after looking about, the Major ordered us to leave.

I followed the Major down the port side of the tripod mast. The railings, as we ascended, were very hot and as we reached the boat deck I noted that it was torn up and burned.

The bodies of the dead were thick, and badly burned men were heading for the quarterdeck, only to fall apparently dead or badly wounded.May 31,  · Watch video · Pearl Harbor bombed At a.m.

Hawaii time, a Japanese dive bomber bearing the red symbol of the Rising Sun of Japan on its wings appears out of the clouds above the island of Oahu.

Watch video · Pearl Harbor is a U.S. naval base near Honolulu, Hawaii, that was the scene of a devastating surprise attack by Japanese forces on December 7, . Traditionally played in the Pasadena, California stadium of the same name, the edition was moved to Durham, North Carolina, due to the fact that the Pearl Harbor attack had happened only three weeks before and fears of a follow-up attack on the West Coast were high.

A small boat rescues a USS West Virginia crew member from the water after the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, on December 7, Two men can be seen on the superstructure, upper center. The bombing of Pearl Harbor on December 7, wasn't just an attack on Pearl Harbor - it was an attack on the island of Oahu, on the United States and on peace.

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Each year, we take time to remember and honor the valor and sacrifices of so many. Thursday, March 19, Captain Duncan arrived in Pearl Harbor and briefed Nimitz and Halsey about the planned bombing raid on Japan.

Duncan made it clear that this was not a proposal but a mission to be carried out as soon as possible.

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