A review of different annotated bibliographies on promoting self esteem

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A review of different annotated bibliographies on promoting self esteem

Empathy-induced altruism in a prisoner's dilemma. European Journal of Social Psychology, 29 7 This study sought to show that this proportion could be increased with empathy-induced altruism. Empathy was induced by giving participants a note from a "partner" that indicated that she had just broken up with her boyfriend.

Additional instructions encouraged participants to read the note either objectively or with their partner's perspective in mind. People who both read the note and took their partner's perspective indicated more empathy.

Annotated Bibliography Topic: Cosmetic Surgery and Self Esteem 1. Scholarly Article Ashikali, Eleni-Marina, et al. "The Impact of Cosmetic Surgery Advertising on Women’s Body Image and Attitudes Towards Cosmetic Surgery.". The folk tales included in this book are from ten different countries. Each tale includes several activities--games, puzzles, crafts, and other projects to enrich the cultural experience. This annotated bibliography of 12 publications on student self-esteem includes six research studies that indicate the following: (1) it is the actual ability of students, not their self-concepts of ability, that make the difference in academic success; (2) students who feel strong parental pressure generally have lower self-esteem; (3) self-esteem.

They also cooperated more than did those who received no note or who read the note objectively. There was also an additional manipulation that led participants to believe the experiment was a business experiment.

This manipulation showed that when empathy was not induced, cooperation decreased.

Differentiation and Grouping

When empathy was induced, however, cooperation was almost as strong as the non-business condition. This supports the authors' argument that empathic altruism is separate and distinct from moral motivation. Empathy, expectations, and situational preferences: Personality influences on the decision to participate in volunteer helping behaviors.

Journal of Personality, 67 3 This series of studies shows that personality differences in empathic concern and personal distress affect the choices people make about volunteer activities.

In three separate studies, they show that people who are high on empathic concern tend to choose volunteer opportunities in which they expect to feel sympathy.

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Likewise, people who are high on personal distress are likely to avoid situations in which they expect to feel more personal distress.

This was true in a study with hypothetical, volunteering in a lab situation, and real-life volunteering. Maintenance of satisfaction in romantic relationships: Empathy and relational competence. In a correlational study of heterosexual couples, the authors measured dispositional empathy to predict romantic relationship satisfaction via positive and negative behaviors.

They used the IRI see Davis,which has separate facets of empathy: The first two components predicted positive behaviors such as good communication, warmth, even temperedness, and positive outlook.

Personal distress was negatively related to these behaviors, but positively related to untrustworthiness, insensitivity, and possessiveness. Overall, personal dispositions towards perspective taking and empathic concern were predicted more relationship satisfaction in long term rather than short term relationships.

The roles of empathy, anger, and gender in predicting attitudes toward punitive, reparative, and preventative public policies.

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Emotion, cognition, and decision making, 14 4 This article investigated the possibility that gender differences in political attitudes and policy preferences may be the result of state and trait emotional differences.

The first three studies provide evidence that women prefer victim-oriented solutions and men prefer perpetrator-punishment policies. The fourth study is most relevant to our interest in compassion.

Although it failed to reproduce all of the gender differences found in the earlier studies, the fourth study showed that empathy and anger account for some of the gender differences that exist. Overall, women reported more trait empathy than men.

Trait empathy was related positively to ratings of a victim-support organization. In women only, state empathy was also positively related to support for a victim-focused organization. In contrast, the amount of anger participants felt was related to their support of a perpetrator-punishing organization.

The authors suggest that an empathic disposition may have more effect on political action or attitude than does immediate emotional feeling. Who does it and how do they do it? Current Directions in Psychological Science, 10 6 This article is a quick and comprehensive summary of the forgiveness literature to date.

It is written by the leading researcher in this field.Home — Essay Samples — Life — Self Esteem — A Review of Different Annotated Bibliographies on Promoting Self-Esteem This essay has been submitted by a student.

This is not an example of the work written by professional essay writers. The self-esteem scale had an internal consistency reliability of when administered to a general population of women and when administered to low-income women who were victims of .

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A review of different annotated bibliographies on promoting self esteem

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A review of different annotated bibliographies on promoting self esteem

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recommendations include (a) systemically promoting staff members’ cultural knowledge and self- awareness, (b) a commitment to culturally relevant and validating student support practices, and (c) culturally valid decision making to enhance culturally equitable student outcomes.

A review of different annotated bibliographies on promoting self esteem