A good thing about learning

Learning is a good thing Our sewing group took on the study of the book Inspirations in Design for the creative quilter K. Masopust We decided there would be more of a chance of us actually doing the exercises if we did them together! We led each other through the first exercise after arranging the white items to be drawn. Oh yes we're artists despite no one wearing a beret and some of us drawing like a 4 year old me We all had paper, pencils and mat corners with which to crop an image we liked.

A good thing about learning

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Posted on April 15 by Bob Sullo Choice Theory identifies five basic needs that drive our behavior. One of them is freedom. Advocates of choice theory encourage classroom teachers to offer lots of options so that students can easily satisfy the need for freedom by doing what the teacher wants.

While choice is essential, research suggests that we can have too much of a good thing. In fact, too many choices may actually interfere with optimum performance. Researchers found that when students were given options, they were more motivated, performed better, and took on more challenging tasks.

Giving more than five options produced less benefit than offering just three to five. Having to select from too many choices is sufficiently stressful that performance and engagement diminish.

Looked at from a choice theory perspective, this makes perfect sense. Being offered too many choices can interfere with our ability to satisfy those needs. People want to feel competent. Give them too many choices and they can be plagued by self-doubt: While choices are beneficial, giving too many erodes the predictability that promotes a feeling of security.

We all have to find a way to meet all of our needs every day. Any environment — including a classroom — that offers too many choices unintentionally makes it difficult to satisfy other equally important needs.

The best advice is to structure an environment that is reasonably balanced so that everyone can more easily meet all of their needs on a regular basis.

About the author - Bob Sullo Bob has been an English teacher, school psychologist, school adjustment counselor, and school administrator. Now he is a full time consultant. Learn more about Bob and his work by visiting his website, InternalMotivation.

A good thing about learning

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Ackoff and Daniel Greenberg point out that today's education system is seriously flawed -- it focuses. Nov 03,  · Each of us must start learning from an early age. It’s an essential part of normal human development. We learn new things all the time, continuing to do so as we advance through high school and college, and finally when we enter the workforce.

Oct 30,  · In a panel discussion that I participated in, one of the interesting ideas to emerge was the belief that prescriptive AI (i.e., AI tools that can "make" decisions based on learning and sets of. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of MOOCs This week I watched the eighth and final set of lectures for "Introduction to Sustainability," the Coursera MOOC I've Rethinking Open Classes on Today.

Sometimes, teacher turnover is a good thing, study finds Jason Kamras, a previous National Teacher of the Year, designed the District’s teacher evaluation system and is the school system’s. Learning. Learning Offers Designing Organizations Workshop Building High-Performing Teams Organizational silos are a good thing (except when they aren’t) Olaf Bach.

April 5, Organizational silos are a good thing (except when they aren’t) Olaf Bach.

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