A biography of matt groening an american cartoonist writer producer animator and voice actor

Early life[ edit ] Groening was born on February 15, in PortlandOregon. He was the middle child of five children. His Norwegian mother, Margaret Wiggum, was once a teacher, and his German father, Homer Philip Groening, was a filmmaker, advertiser, writer and cartoonist.

A biography of matt groening an american cartoonist writer producer animator and voice actor

As well as it is the longest-running animated series and even sitcom. And at its peak, the cartoon was also carried in the weekly newspapers. Life in Hell also caught the attention of the James L.

She was once a teacher. He was a filmmaker, as well as the advertiser, writer and also a cartoonist. Initially, Brooks wanted the Groening to adapt his Life in the Hell characters for the show.

A biography of matt groening an american cartoonist writer producer animator and voice actor

And he named the members after his own parents and also sisters. While the Bart was an anagram of the word brat. Cohen also developed the Futurama, that was an animated series about the life in the yearwhich also premiered in They were running for four years on the Fox.


Then they also picked up by the Comedy Central for the additional seasons. Matt Groening is also currently developing a new series for the Netflix titled Disenchantment, which is set to premiere in Matt Groening infrequently represents as the rabbits in Life in Hell to both of them.

But the couple divorced in after the thirteen years of marriage. Arnold also used to appear in the Simpsons Illustrated. Matt Groening identifies himself as an agnostic and also a liberal.

He has often made campaign and contributions to the Democratic Party candidates. Matt Groening net worth As we know that Matt Groening is an American animator, as well as the TV producer, author, and also a cartoonist.Jan 05,  · Greg Miller is an American animator, cartoonist and storyboard artist.

He worked on the production of Shrek the Third and Monsters vs. Aliens as the additional storyboard artist. His recent credits include being a storyboard artist, writer, animator, and character designer on Secret Mountain Fort Awesome, Gravity Falls, and Uncle Grandpa.

Like his brother-in-law, Matt Groening, Craig Bartlett attended The Evergreen State College, a small liberal arts school in Olympia, Washington. Matt Groening. Cartoonist. Will Vinton. Film Producer. Dan Castellaneta. Voice Actor. Related TV Producers.

Jeff Pollack. TV Producer. Mike Wolfe. TV Producer. Dan Povenmire. TV Producer.

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Nikki. Matt Groening: From Spitballs to Springfield (Legends of Animation) By Jeff Lenburg Matt Groening is a cartoonist, animator, and producer best known for creating The Simpsons, television's longest-running primetime animated series.

Phil More Biography: Phil Maldari is an American actor, anti-bully activist and fashion guru. Phil More Biography: Phil Nichols is a classically trained actor, writer, producer, ventriloquist, puppeteer and special effects artist.

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(executive producer/writer) Mike Barker (executive producer) Matt Weitzman (executive. "Rob Reiner - Actor, director, producer, writer, and political activist. Played "Meathead" in 70's tv show All In The Family. Seth MacFarlane - Actor, voice actor, animator, screenwriter, comedian, producer, director & singer, best known for creating the animated sitcoms Family Guy, American Dad!

"Matt Groening - Cartoonist.

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